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  • How can I schedule a showing?
    Typically it will be at least 2 to 3 emails back and forth before we scheudule a showing. We want to hear exactly what you want so when we meet we are showing you the best possible options for you and your group. When ever we meet we ask that every possible attempt for full groups to attend is made since all of our units are currently occupied we try to not disrupt our current tenants by scheduling multiple showings. Our showings are typically one hour and we can show up to 5 units during this time. Feel free to contact us today so we can begin finding out where you want to live.
  • Who needs to fill out an application?
    Any person who intends to be on the lease must submit an application with our company. Applications are a $60 non-refundable fee. We never ask you to submit an application until you have decided which unit you are interested in renting.
  • What payments do you require before move in?
    Security Deposit payment (equivalent to one months rent) is due upon lease signing. Last Months rent is also due before moving in, but we stagger this payment a bit later after lease signing to reduce the financial burden. First Months rent is required before move in.
  • How long is the lease term?
    Leases normally run for one year. Our typical lease is August to July. There are always exceptions to this rule so feel free to reach out with your requirements.
  • Can I review the lease before I sign?
    Of course, when we send a lease through a digital signature platform, we typically give 3 days or more for the group to review. If you would like to see a general lease you an view here but remember your lease will have your specific terms when it is sent.
  • What does the tenant portal do?
    The Tenant Portal is an online tool provided for to all Off Campus Philly tenants. You will be able to: Pay your rent online. View your previous and upcoming payments. Add your renter's insurance information (if desired). Submit and track maintenance requests.
  • If something is broken, will you fix it?
    We will always fix everything that is our responsibility as outlined in your lease agreement. We try our best to provide exemplary service at Off Campus Philly and you can find more details on some of our maintenance policies in our welcome packet here.
  • How often is rent due and how can I pay it?
    Rent is due on the 1st of each month. We accept payment 1 of 3 ways at Off Campus Philly; 1) ACH payment through your tenant portal, 2) Mail a check, 3) You can drop off a check at our designated drop box here.
  • What utilities are included with my rent and how much will it cost?
    This does depend, but all tenants are responsible for setting up electric service, cable/wifi and possibly gas depending on the unit. We charge a flat fee for water each month. We tell our tenants to budget on average $45 to $60 each in additional charges for utilities each month total. This is an average some months it wil be less and in extreme heat or cold you can expect higher utility bills.
  • Do you offer roommate placement?
    No, at Off Campus Philly we rent units or houses, not rooms. What this means is that groups come to us with a set amount of desired bedrooms.
  • If I am with a group can I have an individual lease?
    We only offer group leases, however as a courtesy we collect your rent portion direclty from you so there is no need to gather up one amount each month.
  • Why should I rent with you?
    We are committed to providing fair and accurate information on the condition of every property and are always transparent in our communication and dealings with our tenants. We strive to ensure that all requests and questions are addressed in a fast, positive manner and to exceed your expectations. We have some of the newest construction and renovations in the area all within 5 blocks of Temple University. We also provide a wide selection to suit many different budgets.
  • I have a question about my rent payment who should I contact?
    Whether you have a question about rent payment, your lease renewal we are here to help! In an effort to keep all communication transparent and shareable with other tenants and parental guarantors we communicate through email.
  • I have a maintenance issue what should I do?
    We always ask our tenants to submit a work order through your tenant portal for any maintenance concerns FIRST. If you wish to follow up with an email or text this is fine, but all requests go directly to maintenance. You will receive speediest response by submitting a work order. You can email maintenance directly here.
  • Who do I make payment check out to if I choose to pay my rent by check?
    This form outlines who to make check out to depending on your property.
  • Where do I mail or drop off my rent check if I don't use the tenant portal?
    Instructions for mailing or dropping off checks can be found here.
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